Monday, 22 July 2013

Todd Lynn. Designer.

       Known as 'Rock and Roll's best kept secret', and set to become the latest addition to the Debenhams family will join the ranks of Henry Holland, Jonathan Saunders and Preen among others.

In case one hasn't heard of Todd Lynn yet, the fresh faced Canadian designer has already created an enormous following with some of the strongest, most idolized women of today; Beyonce, Shirley Manson, Rihanna and Courtney Love to name a few. 

Lynn's Collection Autumn/Winter 2013 consists of 12 unique pieces, constructed from a combination of blacks, deep dark blues contrasted with nudes throughout the show creating drama. These tough colours are softened his trademark soft organic fabrics of contrasting textures including leather, knitwear and fur. 

An androgynous sartorial styling united with razor sharp lines achieves a mix of tailored and deconstructed form, essential for his ideal client of which quoted to be someone “Fearless with a heart full of rock’n’roll.".

With jackets being recreated into skirts this collection reinstates a necessity that is becoming more highly promoted in our society, the idea that materials and constructions need to be redeveloped. 

Tailoring created the illusion that one was wearing another person's clothes altered to fit them. Show notes explain inspiration came from 'the Gopher Gang, a New York tribe who would jump people for their clothes and then send them to a seamstress for alterations”. Emphasising that reusing clothes, with the correct tailoring can create the most modern, edgy, even futuristic outfits causing the past to become the present, and therefor the future.

His tailoring also kept the woman's form by injecting volume to emphasis where natural curves exist, whilst keeping lines straight. With each extreme a balance is always maintained through textures, colours and even shapes. 

The biker edge, with soft and harsh contrasts is what isolates this designer from others, enabling him to make an impact and a name for himself from his identity. 

In his own words, "The woman who wears my clothes is fearless, and wants to put a piece of clothing on and feel amazing.". A designer that has a place in my own heart it would seem. My advise; keep an eye on him and make some investment purchases!

The show was at Somerset House on 16th February with said investment pieces available from October this year from £45, and will be seen nationwide in stores.

To find out more visit his official website:


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