Monday, 22 July 2013

The Wonders of Coconut Oil

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Has anyone seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? I'm sure most will have anyway, such a good film. BUT, do you remember the father, who uses Windex on everything? Well this is the perfect thing of me using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on everything. It's ridiculous the amount of uses there are for the magic stuff, seriously it cures all and the benefits are crazy! I suggest everyone buys this stuff. It's organic, chemical free, vegan, animal friendly, and environmentally friendly!!

This is the one in my cupboard at the moment but there are hundreds of brands that are just as good. Remember to shop around, sometimes health food stores are cheaper than well known stores and vice versa. I paid £8.99 for mine from a local small shop under my fave vegan cafe, but usually it costs a couple of pounds more. It's available on online stores too and sorry I'm not sure how much it is in other countries. But basically you can pick it up just about anywhere, and it is WELL worth the money I promise!!!!

I currently use it for sunscreen protection, body butter, sometimes instead of conditioner, frying, in dressings, in smoothies, on cuticles, on my face, on burns, on sunburn, and to make vegan chocolate.
This is the smallest number of uses that there are for it, but I am trying out new uses as much as possible.

Having starting to write out the science behind the benefits but due to there being an endless amount, it needed endless explaining... So if anyone has any questions about how it works to achieve its benefits I'd be more than happy to answer them, or help explain, and instead I'll list a few of the benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:

  • lower the risk of heart disease 
  • lower the risk of atherosclerosis
  • easily digested so great for those impaired fat digestion or removed gall bladder
  • boosts immunity
  • fights virul, fungal and bacterial infections (there are even studies in progress proving it's effectiveness against HIV/AIDS!!!)
  • hair care and dandruff
  • skin care/conditioning (contains naturally occurring fats which deeply penetrate, moisturize and acts as a protective barrier against environmental and free radical damage)
  • rich in anti oxidants
  • great anti aging moisturiser and skin recovery for skin burns, abrasions etc
  • great for weight loss (increases metabolism and provides instant energy). Also don't forget you have to eat fat to successfully lose fat! It's needed by the body and by blocking it out of your diet you're only damaging your own health
  • remedy for pneumonia
  • bone health and chronique fatigue
  • protects against cancer, HIV and other
  • kills bacteria and parasites

^^^^ the list is endless but I had to stop here! Mainly because I'm bored of writing the list and want to explain how you guys can actually use it :)

Hair and Dandruff

For dandruff massage into the scalp! And for a lush deep hair conditioning apply a teaspoon or two to your damp hair and leave in as long as possible
n.b. I have extremely long and thick hair (vain of my life but cannot bring myself to cut it short) so  have to use 3-4 teaspoons at least. I'd recommend this as an overnight treatment and it leaves your hair smelling seriously delish and shiny! and unlike other conditioners it works from the inside out not the outside in <3 You can even leave it in for a few doors, but haven't tried this myself sorry.

For skin, burns, sunscreen

massage liberally EVERYWHERE! GO CRAZY GUYS!
Warning: as a suncreen it needs to be reapplied every hour. Which might sound annoying, but is way better for you than other chemical containing sunscreens, and blocks 20% of the UV rays as well as against environmental and free radical damage. Plus it soothes sunburns too.

Hope you found this interesting! Don't hesitate to comment and let me know what you use coconut oil for, any questions, suggestions, annnd, well anything you can think of! No such thing as a silly question so go for it :)

Love charly xox

PS I have researched this in great depth,including reading any research papers I was able to come across, over the past year so hopefully it's all pretty accurate stuff I've written 

PPS I know I said I'd write my fashion loves, fave outfits etc as my next post but the camera is hiding somewhere and I can't find it. Also most of my belongings are 300 miles away in my flat at University :(

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