Welcome to Feathers of Eve, a new fashion blog set up by a 20 year old vegetarian from the North West of England 

Consisting of fashion news, my outfits and buys, reviews on an abundance of products, in addition to beauty and fashion favourites, wishlists, hauls, with a few opinions and odd photos thrown in. Feel free to contact me for questions, to ask or give advice and tips, or for a chat about anything <3

My name is Charlotte Johnson, and having just quit my course in Biomedical Science to pursue a career in fashion (there has always been a clear obsession throughout my childhood with fashion and beauty), and have set this blog up to be a place to voice myself, where i can meet similar people, share tips, products, fashion ideas, help and advice

(please ignore the lack of make up here haha)

My other hobbies: yoga, running, drawing, travelling, reading (feel free to make any recommendations), my pets, clean eating and science related things #geekatheart. Oh and I seem to have an addiction to scented candles

N.B. I would just like to worn I am a very keen vegetarian going vegan, although don't worry guys i won't be preaching, ranting and trying to convert you all too much (although you should all try it fo shoo)

I'm also eager to gain ANY experience so if anyone has advice  words of wisdom, knows any jobs/volunteering/ internships, needs any help with something, then I'd be beyond extremely grateful! (Also if I need to travel then it'd need to be within the country)

Thankyou for visiting, hope you enjoy

Love Charly xox

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