Friday, 30 August 2013

Project 104. Label.

Swimwear barely gets a second thought in the UK, and with sustainability and eco-fashion becoming a much greater requisite within design, a multifunctional piece epitomizes this and we all love a good investment piece!!
And so enter Project 104. Its swimwear is a collaboration of art and fashion forms a contemporary, heavy print aesthetic, each item is itself a specimen of art. This bad-ass British-based brand produces limited edition and individually numbered swimwear, a first in history. Only 104 of each individual print in a particular style are ever produced per project. The current project 'My Body, My Shrine' created for those who believe (ironically) 'my body is a temple but my temple likes getting trashed', and their technicolour costumes encapsulate four distinct shrines; Pill Popper, Cigafeen, Sugar Hooker and Chain coker. Sweet perfection in the form of fabric for us fun-loving free spirits who likes to stand out from the crowd.


Charly xox

Project 104: Twitter, Facebook and Blog.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Red Roots. Outfit.

Finally got round to doing an outfit only to notice how bad my roots are, so apologies guys hahaha. Also there's no one here to take photos usually so that's why there haven't been any outfit posts (trying to master the art of taking them by myself, harder than taking the usual selfie! AND my good camera is broken... fudge my life). But here it is:

Monday, 26 August 2013

Monday Must Haves. #1

Hey Guys, I'm guessing most of us know the Monday blues all too well!! To cheer myself up on this particular Monday of doom I thought I'd do a bit of the ol' online window-shopping. From this I have decided to start making a weekly Monday post to show what I'm hankering after, what I've bought during the week, or even just an item of my own I may have taken a shine to during the week. And here it is, my first edition of Monday Must Haves! These are the resent items I've been lusting for:

T shirt, Thunder Apparel

Socks, eBay
Snakeskin Case, eBay
Boots, eBay
Ankle Cuffs, eBay
Triangle Bra, Topshop
Nars Foundation, Selfridges 
The Vogue Factor, eBay
Necklace, Zara
Clogs, eBay
Jumper, eBay
Bag, eBay
Denim Dress, Motel
Dress, Oh My Love
Dress, Motel
Clutch, +Etsy 
Rucksack, +Etsy 
Ear Cuff, +Etsy 
Samsung Phone Case, +Etsy 
Bag, +Etsy 
Dress, +Etsy 
Samsung Phone Case, +Etsy 
Decorative Skull, +Etsy 

Love Charly xox

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Going Strapless. Trend.

Strapless Bandeaus and Bralets are sticking round for Christmas this year so don't go hurling them into the back of the wardrobe this Winter. Shoulders: the latest must have accessory.

Here are my faves from across fashion week, there are quite a few I got carried away sorry

Christian Dior
Giambattista Valli

Isabel Marant

Valentino, Mui Mui, Giorgio Armini Prive, Chanel, Alexander Mcqueen, Jean Paul Gautier
Stella McCartney

And heeerrrre are some little gems I've been admiring available on the high street at this very moment, with more available as the season progresses! So keep your eyes peeled
Black 3D Folded Origami
 Strapless Dress, Choies
Geometric Tapestry Corset, Topshop
Strapless Jumpsuit, Zara
Cream Sequin Skater Dress, Hearts & Bows @ Ark
Checked Tube Dress with Side Zip, Zara
Animal Print Strapless Bralet, Topshop
Sweetheart Strapless Skater Dress, Ebay
Black & Gold Ballerina Prom Dress,  Oh My Love @ Ark
Bandeau Pleated Pink Dress, Romwe
Venus Maxi Dress, Coast
Black PU Bandeau Dress, Fashion Union
Printed Bustier, Urban Outfitters
Shiny PU Bralet, Topshop

Try mix things up with them, even wear them over long sleeved tops or t shirts! Writing this made me feel like throwing on an origami strapless playsuit, and with that, I bid you adieu!
Charly xox

Just Female. Label.

Basically the amount of love I have for First Female is CRAZY, so I thought I'd share it with you all in a little feature on my fave chic pieces.

Here are some of what is causing my mouth to drool over at this very moment:


All of these are available on their website, and they currently have a sale on some of their other items. I advise you get on it ASAP and grab a bargain, these are investment pieces for sure.

So many outstanding pieces I don't know what to do with myself. Ahhhhhh!

Charly xox
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