Friday, 30 August 2013

Project 104. Label.

Swimwear barely gets a second thought in the UK, and with sustainability and eco-fashion becoming a much greater requisite within design, a multifunctional piece epitomizes this and we all love a good investment piece!!
And so enter Project 104. Its swimwear is a collaboration of art and fashion forms a contemporary, heavy print aesthetic, each item is itself a specimen of art. This bad-ass British-based brand produces limited edition and individually numbered swimwear, a first in history. Only 104 of each individual print in a particular style are ever produced per project. The current project 'My Body, My Shrine' created for those who believe (ironically) 'my body is a temple but my temple likes getting trashed', and their technicolour costumes encapsulate four distinct shrines; Pill Popper, Cigafeen, Sugar Hooker and Chain coker. Sweet perfection in the form of fabric for us fun-loving free spirits who likes to stand out from the crowd.


Charly xox

Project 104: Twitter, Facebook and Blog.


  1. gorgeous!

  2. What beautiful swimsuits! I live in Australia so am lucky enough to see a range of incredible designers coming through every year, as swimwear is HUGE there. I love the whole '104' of each design idea xx

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