Monday, 26 August 2013

Monday Must Haves. #1

Hey Guys, I'm guessing most of us know the Monday blues all too well!! To cheer myself up on this particular Monday of doom I thought I'd do a bit of the ol' online window-shopping. From this I have decided to start making a weekly Monday post to show what I'm hankering after, what I've bought during the week, or even just an item of my own I may have taken a shine to during the week. And here it is, my first edition of Monday Must Haves! These are the resent items I've been lusting for:

T shirt, Thunder Apparel

Socks, eBay
Snakeskin Case, eBay
Boots, eBay
Ankle Cuffs, eBay
Triangle Bra, Topshop
Nars Foundation, Selfridges 
The Vogue Factor, eBay
Necklace, Zara
Clogs, eBay
Jumper, eBay
Bag, eBay
Denim Dress, Motel
Dress, Oh My Love
Dress, Motel
Clutch, +Etsy 
Rucksack, +Etsy 
Ear Cuff, +Etsy 
Samsung Phone Case, +Etsy 
Bag, +Etsy 
Dress, +Etsy 
Samsung Phone Case, +Etsy 
Decorative Skull, +Etsy 

Love Charly xox

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