Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Personal Spring Summer Fave. Pow Green.

Seeing as the heatwave is still going strong, despite a couple of thunderstorms every now and again, I thought I'd post a review on my current nail varnish obsession: Maybelline's Color Show by Colorama in Pow Green.

Maybelline Color Show by Colorama, Pow Green
Boots £2.99


The colour is bright, eyecatching and matches most skin tones. My skin is normally as white as a sheet (seriously I'd make a ghost look sun kissed) but this still looks lush. Not only does this suit the paler complexioned, but also those who have that perfected the bronzed summer glow down to a tee. 

It doesn't need a top coat either, and although I normally put a top coat on (accidentally left it with my belongings in my flat at uni waaah), I hadn't in the pictures and you c an see it's still looking pretty shiny.
(Sorry it's bit messy, was in a rush to walk the dog before it started to rain)

I'd say the only negative is when it was first purchased, on use I noticed how it was extremely thin and needed three coats minimum! In addition having only had it a month and a half at the most and it seems to have now turned rather thick and gloopy. Most varnishes do this with time, but one would not normally expect it to do so so soon after purchase.It may just be caused by the heat, but still it's a bit annoying. 

Never the less I will still be repurchasing this in the future as it's a staple colour in my books. When mine was purchased it was on offer for £1.99 which is a bargain, and still is even at it's full price £2.99!
Have you tried Maybelline Color Show before? If so what do you think of them? What are your personal S/S faves? 

Love Charly xox


  1. Great color!
    When it's hot, store your nail varnishes in the fridge.
    Bit weird I know - my boyfriend was a bit baffled when he found the fridge on holiday full of nail polish and lipstick! But stops polishes going gloppy and lipsticks from breaking! X

    1. I do that with my lipsticks, never thought to do it with nail varnishes tho! Bless him, thanks for the tip :) xox


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